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26 Mobile Lightroom Presets, Instagram Presets, Home Presets, Influencer Blogger, Lightroom Presets Coconut Tan, Vsco Presets, Sakura Preset

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🌸 The Black and White Preset Bundle is a collection of 26 Lightroom Mobile and Desktop photo editing filters that are inspired from 35mm Black and White Films. These filters will add both modern and vintage looks to your instagram photos. These presets are PERFECT for Instagram Influencers, travel bloggers, and creatives that are looking to take their photos to the next level in just one click. These Lightroom Presets have been carefully made and curated to enhance your photos. These presets will give your photos a contrasting and chiaroscuro look that will greatly help improving the atmosphere of your photographs.

🌸 Our presets are tested on different photo styles. Take note that all photos are unique depending on the lighting environment and camera quality, therefore each preset works differently on every photo. Please keep in mind that you will likely need to tweak your edits based on your photo, camera settings, and lighting conditions. The final touch should be done by you through minor adjustments in the photo.

🌸 Your purchase includes:
- 1 PDF file of the PRESET LINK and step-by-step guide in using these presets with video tutorial
The LINK consists of:
- 26 Presets for both Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Desktop (zip file)
- 1 set containing of 24 Standard Toolkit Setting Presets for Lightroom Desktop (Free)
- 1 set containing of 18 Color Toolkit Setting Presets for Lightroom Desktop (Free)

🌸 Additional Information
- Works for BOTH Lightroom Desktop (Windows/Mac) and Lightroom Mobile (iOS / Android)
- Works with and without an Adobe Subscription
- Once purchased, these presets can be used for unlimited times
- Quickest and most effective way to edit your photos - just one click!